Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Why Travel Insurance Claims Are Rejected

The single trip travel insurance specialists are used to dealing with a wide variety of claims. They understand there is a need to provide the required level of financial assistance to individuals who have fallen ill or sustained injuries during their holidays. However, the insurers are also prepared to reject claims for the reasons outlined in this article.
Family Illness Or Death
It is quite understandable that people would want to stay at home because of the illness or death of a family member. However, they may not be able to make a claim against the cost of the missed holiday. This is because knowledge of potential health problems must be declared when applying for different policies.
Loss or Stolen Possessions
A number of insurers specify the need to report instances of loss or theft of valuable items to the legal authorities within 24 hours. They may refuse to cover the cost of possessions if travellers do not adhere to this rule. Single trip travel insurance claims have also been rejected because policyholders didn't take care over the security of their goods.

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions
It is worth pointing out that insurers expect customers to specify any pre-existing medical conditions before jetting off on holiday. It's even necessary to declare minor allergies and illnesses that may worsen during a trip abroad. Individuals who forget about these seemingly insignificant problems may end up having to pay considerable amounts of money for care in a foreign country.
Trip Cancellation
Single trip travel insurance policies typically include cover against the cost of cancelled holidays. However, they also include small print that outlines the acceptable reasons for missed holidays. This means that customers who choose against travelling because of bad weather conditions cannot claim their money back. The insurers may even refuse to pay out after cancellations made following hotel closures.
Failure To Purchase Cover In Time
It is important to purchase a comprehensive single trip travel insurance policy before setting off for a foreign destination. Part of the reason is that travellers are (quite naturally) unable to upgrade their policies and make a claim following unexpected events that may occur during the course of their holiday.
Buying Online
Those individuals who are worried about the prospect of rejected claims are advised to spend time over the selection of suitable cover. It would be sensible to visit a specialist website and discuss the correct level of cover with an expert advisor. It may even be possible to acquire a policy that guarantees cover against cancelled trips. The insurers might also provide cover for injuries sustained by customers who've taken part in extreme sports during their holidays. It always pays to ask.

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