Sunday, March 31, 2013

Insuring Your Holiday Against Any Eventuality

If you decide insuring your holiday trip is an unnecessary expense, you may be in for a surprise if anything untoward happens - and most likely an unpleasant one!

Of course, everyone plans a holiday looking forward to a good time. Some plan for each and every step of their itinerary: what to wear, what to see, what to do, purchasing advanced tickets for plays and shows, making reservations and more, but may choose to ignore the unthinkable possibilities that could occur. But insuring your holiday trip is the icing on the cake that shouldn't be ignored.

Here are some of those possibilities - knock on wood, they don't happen, but be prepared in case they do.
Insuring Against Cancellations

Imagine this: it's the day before your trip and your children come down with the flu or meet with an accident. If you're like many bargain travellers who take advantage of lower rates and special sales (or just happen to book an non-refundable trip), a cancellation can mean the bulk of your budget down the drain. Insuring your holiday trip can ensure you get back the bulk of your expenses (such as airfare) paid out. There are even some policies that will enable you to cover your trip against cancellation due to other reasons like floods, fires, earthquakes at home, unforeseen bankruptcy of your travel supplier, and more. It may even cover you in case you can't make the trip back home because of disasters and catastrophes to your home destination.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Top Tips for Travelling With Children

No one ever said that travelling with children was easy (well, not anyone who has actually done it), and there are endless things to worry about while on a family holiday. However, taking care of a few things before you head out on your adventures can help minimize your work and hassle while abroad on your family holiday. Travel insurance, child friendly transport and appropriate accommodation can all be researched and booked before you go.

This article offers a checklist of things to do before travelling abroad with your family.

1. Book Family Holiday Travel Insurance
Family holiday travel insurance package deals cover medical and property loss abroad and normally offers discounts over individual rates. These plans are usually quick and easy to purchase, and many can be researched and booked online.

2. See your family doctor
When travelling with your family outside of Europe, there might some vaccinations that you or your children will need to get before you go. In some cases, these vaccinations are necessary before you can even apply for a visa. You'll also want to refill any prescription medications that you or your family need so you have enough to last the whole trip.

3. Get family friendly transport
If you're thinking about hiring a car, reserve one large for your whole family and request whatever infant car seats, child booster seats, or other kid extras you might need ahead of time. Sometimes access to these things are limited, and having them reserved ahead of time will make it easier when you arrive.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

6 Things to Do Before Travelling Abroad

Getting everything done before heading off on a holiday can be difficult, but making sure your pre-travel list is completed will give you great peace of mind while on every single trip. Travel insurance, vaccinations, visas, and scanning documents can pile up on your 'to-do' post it notes, but all the little tasks done can really save you a lot of trouble while out on your adventures. This is especially true if you're travelling outside of Europe or to places with special visa requirements.

This article has a six-item to-do list already set up for you to tick off. From booking your single trip travel insurance to checking your debit cards, you'll find some helpful suggestions of things to get done before you get on the plane.

1. See your doctor
If you're travelling outside of Europe, you might need to get vaccinations before you go, and in some cases, before you can even apply for a visa. It's also not a bad idea to refill any prescription medication to last you through the duration of your travels.

2. Learn as much about your destination as possible
If you're travelling to a place you know very little about, it's a really good idea to read about the local customs and history before you leave. This will give context to many of the sites you're seeing, and will provide insight into appropriate behaviours and attire.