Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Visiting The Beautiful Great Wall Of China

The Great Wall of China is one of the most breathtaking wonders of the world. The construction of this huge wall started between 770 BC and 476 BC. At about 214 BC, the Emperor Qin Shi Huang was known to unite China and complete the entire wall to serve as a great defense. Anyone who wants to tour China needs to come here once. This would surely help you in generating some fine results on the go. The beautiful wall will help you in keeping your memories alive.
You should check out the below mentioned steps and instructions carefully in case you want to visit the beautiful great wall of China.

• You need to first get started by visiting the Great Wall of China. You just have to book your tickets from the station and come to this place. Make sure you visit all the sections of the wall carefully.
• Now, you got to continue moving towards the northwestern part of Beijing so that you can reach the Badaling sector. There are several shops available in the area and so you don't have to worry about anything as you can shop for your favorite items without any difficulty.
• You got to ride the cable car in order to have great fun here. I am pretty convinced that you will be able to generate some fine results on the go.

The Great Wall of China is a beautiful establishment which is more than 4,000 miles long. It was built over a long period of about 300 years. The missing remains of the wall might make it 5,000 miles long and the researchers are searching for it.

From the time when China opened the borders to all its tourists, more than 1 million people have visited this place.

Great Wall in Danger
A lot of researchers feel that tourism and time are greatly damaging the Great Wall of China. About 30 percent of the wall has been largely damaged and this is why special care needs to be taken.

A belief is that this wall can be easily seen from the space. However, several shuttle missions have proved that it cannot be seen from the space.
This was all that one needs to know about visiting the beautiful Great Wall of China. One needs to make sure that he plans his trip well in advance in order to have a great time in this beautiful place.

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